Flux Trading Memberships

Basic Membership ($50 Donation Per Month)

*Some features are not fully configured and will be added over time*

Main Section:

Basic Announcement Channel: Important announcements for the group

Twitter Feed: All of the Vamp, Vader, and Chonis tweets posted in one single stream

RSS-News Feed: Auto-imported news from the top sources, up to date stories and new releases

News Posts: Moderator contributed news that is relevant to the market and trades that the group may be discussing

Useful Stuff: Important links, articles, references, etc., that can be helpful to people in the space. This includes websites with tax info, basic educational websites explaining crucial topics, referral links to exchanges and other sites that are useful to traders, etc.

Educational Stuff: Moderator contributed content that can be used to aid in your education as a trader. This doesn’t compare to the direct interaction and educational work we do in the premium group, so stop being cheap already!

Guest Star Charts: Our friends in the crypto community may stop by to share some trades and analyses that they are discussing in other crypto communities.

Group Chat Channels:

Crypto Chat: Discuss crypto markets, trade ideas, technical analyses, fundamental analyses, etc… Anything revolving around the market.

Member TA and Picks: Members can post their own analyses and trade ideas to share with the rest of the team.

Other Markets: Users can discuss stocks, Forex, commodities trading, or any other market or investment topic.

Random Chat: Ideal for friendly banter, memes, unfunny jokes (and making fun of people for their unfunny jokes), baby pictures, nudes, and Yelp reviews.

ChartVampire’s Section:

– Bitcoin Charts
– Ethereum/Litecoin/Bitcoin Cash Charts
– Altcoin Charts

Darth Crypto/Vader’s Section:

– Majors Charts: Charts for the ‘Majors’ (Including BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC)
– Short Term Trades: All of Vader’s short term trades, on both major cryptos and altcoins
– Long Term Trades: Vader’s long term investment ideas
– Vader’s Posts: Other posts from Vader, including random thoughts/charts unrelated to his active trades

Big Chonis’ Section:

– Bitcoin: Charts and analysis for Bitcoin
– Top Market Caps: Charts for major and high market cap cryptocurrencies
– Alts on Watch: Chonis’ altcoins to watch, including his top trade ideas
– Chonis’ Posts: Other posts from Chonis, including random thoughts/charts unrelated to his active trades

Premium Membership ($130 Donation Per Month)

*Some features are not fully configured and will be added over time*

Premium ONLY Content:

ALL of the BASIC group content is included, plus:

*IMPORTANT: The most important distinction to make, is that our team leaders and analysts will NOT be available in the BASIC chat channels very much. We may stop by, but we will only be directly working with the premium group. It requires A LOT of time to work with our team so closely, so that’s an exclusive feature of the premium group! More details below…

Free IT and Security help! Darth Crypto is an IT consultant, and can help our members with basics, like protecting themselves online, and using a VPN to access international websites.

Exclusive Premium Chats: Our analysts and leaders will NOT be very accessible in the general basic group chat rooms. But we can chat with out premium members directly, day or night. One of us is usually always around, so feel free to chat amongst yourselves here, and tag any of our leaders for a quick response!

Chart Requests: Post a request to have any of our analysts look at a chart or potential trade idea for you. We can’t tell you what to do, but we can say what we would do, and explain whatever it is we do, or don’t, see in a potential play.

Various Files and Links: Exclusive content that isn’t shared with the rest of the group. This can include valuable educational tools and information, custom worksheets or documents, plus research conducted by our analysts.

Video Content: While we only share a small amount of our video content with the basic group, PREMIUM members will have access to ALL of our videos, including analyses, live charting, and educational videos.

Voice Channels: Since PREMIUM members have direct access to our team, we each have a voice channel and we’ll conduct random group voice calls, as well as scheduled strategy sessions so we can all discuss our strategies and work together to improve as traders.

Live Streams: Much like the voice channels, only PREMIUM members have access to our live streams. This includes live trading and live charting sessions, as well as educational streams for Flux University.

Flux University: We share EVERYTHING we know. We will do videos, make documents, have team chats, voice calls, and live streams, all so we can share every ounce of knowledge and experience we have!

University content will be built up over time, but will be clearly organized so you can focus on introductory topics, TA and charting skills, risk management, overall strategies, factoring in fundamentals and market psychology, EVERYTHING!

This level of educational dedication by our team will BLOW everyone away!

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