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Our traders and analysts have spent countless hours researching markets, studying methodologies, identifying patterns, and developing strategies that create expansive and profitable opportunities for investors. Interestingly enough, our team isn’t filled with professional analysts that come from traditional financial markets and industries. Rather, we were amateur traders who learned how to analyze markets and fostered an extensive skill set, from Technical Analysis, to Risk Management, to Market Psychology research. We are proud of our amateur roots, because we were in the same position as those struggling to navigate the market today. In fact, we continue to learn, every day, and continue to improve, every day!

Darth Crypto

Loud Mouth and Funny Smarty Pants, Birthday Boy

“I’m an amateur, who got rekt with everyone else! The difference is, I dedicated my time and money to learning, so I don’t lose ever again!”

After losing my capital in the big Crypto crash in 2018, I spent every waking hour researching, studying, practicing, testing, and eventually, SUCCEEDING! I developed short term trading strategies that relied heavily on the management of risk! As a result, I have only have 2 losing weeks in the past 18 months!

Since then, I’ve been able to identify strong trades with a high potential risk/reward ration, while simultaneously limiting my losses! When I succeed on trades, I see substantial returns, and when I fail, my losses are extremely small and manageable. Now, I love giving back by sharing my knowledge and experience with others who are in the same position I was. I didn’t have a mentor to help me learn, but I wish I did!

Chart Vamp

Experienced Trader/Investor
Semi-Professional Mime on Weekends

Vamp spent a long time saying he would write up a bio for this welcome page. Unfortunately, he’s too busy winning at trading, and crushing the market. So in his absence, I (Vader), would like everyone to know that he loves his meat rare, and he occasionally can be attractive. That depends, however, on how much pure gasoline you have drank to obtain Avengers level beer goggles…


Experienced Trader/Chef

I have experience both within bull and bear markets. During the bull market, I thought I was a genius just like everybody else. The bear market, gave me a rewarding humbling, as it really led me to sharpen my tools as a trader. Dare I say it now, I thoroughly enjoy the bear market now. 

I find being a trader is like being a chef. There are many ingredients …I mean tools, to use whilst creating the best recipe ..I mean trade. What may work with someone else, may not align with your taste buds. The tools I use, are my favourite, and something I can teach you the ins and outs off, in aid for you to create your best recipe 🙂

The flux trading group

Discord Community

Our Discord Group has a LOT of channels. The BASIC membership includes a lot of content, including nearly all of our analyses, charts, trade ideas. The PREMIUM group takes that a big step further, with Flux University, and a TON of amazing educational content. The most important feature of this community, is the community ITSELF! Members can openly discuss trades, market news, investment ideas, etc., and in the premium group, get direct feedback from leaders.

Flux University

In our educational group, you'll have access to an unparalleled experience and knowledge base to pull from. Our analysts will share their knowledge, their models and strategies, and detail the exactly science that they use, down to every last feature. Members can request any topic and our team will share anything and everything we know about it. If we learned how to do this stuff so well, everyone else can too!

Technical Analysis

Our analysts constantly analyze the market to identify potential trends and investment opportunities. We share charts explaining past historical movement on the Crypto markets, and we use that data to model potential outcomes in the future. Charts can provide general overviews of market behavior, and can also be used to identify short term trade oppot

Direct Communication

The PREMIUM group includes all educational content, but it also provides direct access to our team of analysts! The VOICE channels and LIVE STREAM channels are available to this exclusive group only. Our analysts will do group phone calls and live streams randomly and at scheduled times. These are amazing opportunities to discuss educational topics, or to do LIVE charting sessions so we can trade together, and work together as a team!

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